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To promote the launch of their new website, Jessica and Michelle recently sat down for a candid interview. The pretty pair discussed everything from their current job with Stewart-Haas to their previous careers to the pros and cons of tattoos to the extent of their "relationship." Along the way, their sweet 'n sassy nature came ringing through.


Interviewer (I): Well we're proud to be joined by both of you. You're looking quite cute and lovely in your twin outfits (cropped-black Stewart-Haas t-shirts and red pants). How are you today?

Jessica (J): Fine, thank you. *giggle*

Michelle (M): I'm fine too. *giggle*

I: I would be willing to bet you two are fine all of the time.

(Both girls giggle)

I: So, lets talk about Stewart-Haas Racing. You two have been here pretty much since the start, is that correct?

J: Well we were here when Tony kind of officially took over, but it was around a lot longer than that ya bum.

I: I see. No need for the hostility. So, what would you each say has been your favorite moment so far as an employee here at Stewart-Haas Racing?

J: I would have to say the night Tony won the All-Star race was really cool. Michelle and I were arm-in-arm, jumping up and down in our motor home like little froggies.

M: *giggles*

I: Michelle, would you say that was your favorite?

M: Sure, I mean it was the team's first win and like Jessica said, we must've looked so damn cute squealing and jumping up and down like that. I certainly felt cute right about then.

I: I see. So lets move on. Of course a hot, and I do mean hot, topic of discussion last year was you two and your "uniforms." What can you tell me about the rather revealing ensemble you two would wear into the shop every day?

M: Well we wanted our outfits to match and we wanted something that both used the colors of SHR and captured the attitude of it. We felt like red and black lingerie was the way to go, and based on the reactions, I think we were right.

J: Yeah, I mean I'd worn less than that in some of the beauty pageants I'd been in so it wasn't really that big of a deal. Yeah we wore it every day and yeah it got a little old to ALWAYS have to dodge the drool guys left behind when they saw us, but it was a minor inconvenience. I enjoyed it.

I: As I'm sure most people, at least the male half of the population, did.

(The girls groan)

I: So, Michelle, you are a singer, is that correct?

M: Yes.

I: Very interesting, what do you sing?

M: Oh I'll sing a lot of things, depends on what mood I'm in. I was singing the theme from Shaft this morning in the shower.